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Квалификационные курсы

17 января 2018
Спецкурс серии 4.0 (Дневная форма обучения)

20 января 2018
Спецкурс серии 1.0 (Группа выходного дня форма обучения)

20 января 2018
Базовый курс (Группа выходного дня форма обучения)

22 января 2018
Базовый курс (Вечерняя форма обучения)

22 января 2018
Базовый курс (Дневная форма обучения)

22 января 2018
Спецкурс серии 1.0 (Вечерняя форма обучения)

05 февраля 2018
Спецкурс серии 4.0 (Вечерняя форма обучения)

05 февраля 2018
Спецкурс серии 5.0 (Вечерняя форма обучения)

26 февраля 2018
Базовый курс (Дневная форма обучения)

Профессиональные семинары ИФРУ

24 января 2018
Организация системы управления рисками МФО

27 января 2018
Мастер-класс «Корпоративные финансы. Торговое финансирование и документарные банковские операции: актуальные вопросы теории и практики, BANK PAYMENT OBLIGATION (BPO)» (Международный сертификат)

29 января 2018
Финтех: теория и практика. Технология блокчейн

31 января 2018
Управление рисками. Подготовка к сдаче экзамена FRM (80 ак. часов)

05 февраля 2018
Курс повышения квалификации контролеров профессионального участника рынка ценных бумаг

12 февраля 2018
Подготовка и проведение общего собрания акционеров в свете новых требований законодательства

12 февраля 2018
Новое в регулировании корпоративных процедур

26 февраля 2018
Специалист по связям с инвесторами. IR

12 марта 2018
Курс по оценочной деятельности «Экспертиза отчетов об оценке стоимости имущества для личного и корпоративного пользования»

02 апреля 2018
Оценка и управление портфельными рисками



SII Certification

Joint training programme of Institute of Stock Market and Management (Russia) and Securities and Investment Institute (UK)

Last years Russian market is getting more and more integrated into global market and becoming an integral part of the global economy. The majority of specialists who work in different spheres of national economy are getting involved into global economic processes at international level.

Going towards existing requests and needs of Russian specialists in getting contemporary and completed knowledge about international markets Institute of Stock Market and Management  (ISMM) proposes a wide range of international programmes, oriented on marketing and securities market. 

Joint Programme of ISMM and SII

In May 2007 the British Securities and Investment Institute (SII) awarded Accreditation to enable ISMM to operate as an approved Study Centre, delivering the international programmes for financial market participants. Thus at present ISMM is the only educational centre in Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe, which possess the official right to conduct SII professional qualification courses.

The SII is the largest and most widely respected professional body for those who work in the securities and investment industry in the UK. Formed as the “Securities Institute” in 1992 by the members of the London Stock Exchange the Institute changed its name in November 2004.

Today the ISMM is the leading examining, training and membership body for the participants of securities and investment industry in Russia. There are over 20,000 members who benefit from our programme of professional and social events. In addition the Institute produces publications and workbooks, runs a number of widely respected and well-attended conferences and seminars.

As a unique representative of SII in Russia ISMM suggests you to join the training programme “Investment Administration Qualification (IAQ)”. This programme is oriented on professionals who work in finance and investment business and who is aspired to improve their professional qualification. The IAQ Programme provides deep and comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the following spheres:

  • key principles of the leading foreign financial markets functioning;
  • basics of  regulatory environment on financial markets in the UK and other developed foreign countries
  • the main types of financial assets, circulating on foreign financial markets and the main operations with them
  • professional participants on foreign financial markets and specifics of their activity

What you will get?

SII Qualifications:

  • provide a right to work in financial business in those companies and countries which are regulated by British regulatory standards
  • provide an opportunity to work on British securities market which is one of the biggest and authoritative stock markets in the world and, also, work in countries – members of the British Commonwealth of Nations 
  • make available a chance to get high-paid and prestigious work in the City of London – recognized center of the modern Western finance world

Who should take?

  • Professionals who work in companies and countries which are regulated by Financial Services Authority (FSA) – the main regulator on the UK financial market
  • Specialists who now work in companies which are not subject to regulation by FSA, but consider an opportunity to work in such companies and countries
  • Everyone who is aspired to get wide and useful knowledge of modern financial market and to increase their “market value” in the employer’s eyes. 

What are benefits of the IAQ Programme?

  • IAQ is the most popular and relevant among professionals of the international financial markets
  • IAQ provides for candidates clear and comprehensive knowledge about their professional standards and duties
  • IAQ has really logical, clear and well-balanced training schedule
  • IAQ is internationally recognized educational programme providing an opportunity for candidates to prove their professional competence on international level
  • IAQ Programme and training materials were developed by the leading specialists of the international financial markets.

Educational process

The training course is delivered by the leading Russian business trainers who are specialized in the international finance markets sphere and have professional recognition as successful specialists in Russia and abroad. Our lecturers have the highest qualifications and comprehensive experience of lecturing for professional audiences.

The classes take place in Moscow in the evening on the ISMM territory. Corporate training format is also available on clients’ request. The training is holding in Russian and English languages. The exams are holding in English and take place in Moscow-based CBT-centre.

What you need to do for getting IAQ Certificate

To get the IAQ Certificate a candidate will need to pass three training modules:

  1. Introduction to Securities and Investment. The aim of the examination is to provide individuals looking for a career in the financial services industry with an understanding of the breadth of the industry, the regulatory framework, how the industry functions and the basics of the various financial instruments – shares, bonds, derivatives etc.
  2. Exchange-Traded Derivatives Administration. The aim of the examination is to ensure that candidates have an understanding of exchange-traded derivatives as they relate to the needs of operations and administration staff.
  3. Global Securities Operations. The aim of the examination is to ensure that candidates have an introduction to global securities services and administration as far as this relates to the needs of operations and administration staff.

What will you need to get awarded?

A candidate will be awarded after taking three exams. The exam is holding in English language and the format of the exam is 50 multiple choice questions test with the duration of one hour. After sitting the exam a candidate will get pass/fail grade. To getting pass a candidate should give not less than 70% of correct answers. In case of fail grade a candidate have an opportunity to resit the exam.

We are really hope to see you among participants of our international programs. For additional information please contact our Manager for International Projects Anna Savina

tel. (495) 797-95-60 (ext. 105)

e-mail: savina@ifru.ru

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