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Квалификационные курсы

16 декабря 2017
Спецкурс серии 1.0 (Группа выходного дня форма обучения)

18 декабря 2017
Спецкурс серии 1.0 (Дневная форма обучения)

20 января 2018
Базовый курс (Группа выходного дня форма обучения)

22 января 2018
Базовый курс (Дневная форма обучения)

22 января 2018
Базовый курс (Вечерняя форма обучения)

05 февраля 2018
Спецкурс серии 4.0 (Вечерняя форма обучения)

05 февраля 2018
Спецкурс серии 5.0 (Вечерняя форма обучения)

Профессиональные семинары ИФРУ

16 декабря 2017
Мастер-класс «Корпоративные финансы. Торговое финансирование и документарные банковские операции: актуальные вопросы теории и практики, BANK PAYMENT OBLIGATION (BPO)» (Международный сертификат)

18 декабря 2017
Финансовый консультант, 1уровень

29 января 2018
Финтех: теория и практика. Технология блокчейн

31 января 2018
Управление рисками. Подготовка к сдаче экзамена FRM (80 ак. часов)

12 февраля 2018
Новое в регулировании корпоративных процедур

12 февраля 2018
Подготовка и проведение общего собрания акционеров в свете новых требований законодательства

26 февраля 2018
Специалист по связям с инвесторами. IR

12 марта 2018
Курс по оценочной деятельности «Экспертиза отчетов об оценке стоимости имущества для личного и корпоративного пользования»

02 апреля 2018
Оценка и управление портфельными рисками



CIM Certification

Joint training programme of Institute of Stock Market and Management (Russia) and Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK)

In 1999 British Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) awarded Accreditation to enable Institute of Stock Market and Management (ISMM) to operate as an approved Study Centre, delivering the international programmes for marketers.

CIM is committed to delivering world-class support to equip marketers with the knowledge and tools they need to stay ahead and excel in this most challenging of professions. Through market leading industry awards and practical courses, and professional services which members can call upon whenever they are needed.

In 1989 Her Majesty the Queen awards the Institute with The Royal Charter, and the Institute becomes The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Sir John Harvey Jones commented, ''The award of the Charter starts the Institute of Marketing from a new plateau, to continue its nationally necessary task of trying to improve the practice, status and public awareness of the importance of marketing to our society's well-being.''

CIM is unique in awarding Chartered Marketer status, in recognition of achievement in theory, practical experience and expertise. Full Members and Fellows of CIM committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can hold Chartered status.

In different time CIM educational system was participated by such companies as Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Beiersdorf (Nivea), LEGO, Rolf, Yves Roche, Gillette, DHL, Halliburton, Volvo, Reebok, KPMG, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, KRKA, Organon, Roche and others.

ISMM supports CIM traditions where the primary is the preparation of high qualified specialists in international marketing area.

As Accredited training provider of CIM in Russia we introduce a unique opportunity to join CIM learning programme and to get Professional Diploma in Marketing. This Programme oriented on professionals who work in marketing sphere and aspires to develop its knowledge and professional base in this sphere.

Which benefits will you get from the Course?

For the present day when Russian companies start to implement successful marketing experience of foreign colleagues, Russian specialists have to operate appropriate knowledge and be prepared for high turbulent business environment.

Professional Diploma in Marketing:

  • provide an opportunity to confirm your knowledge and qualification in marketing sphere on international level
  • offer to get actual and updated knowledge in marketing practice sphere
  • make available for young professionals in marketing an opportunity to get high quality international education in marketing and at the same time provide an opportunity for experienced professionals to develop its tools and methodology complex for successful companies’ promotion on market.
  • Provide an opportunity for marketer to adopt to Russian as well as to international specifics.
  •  Make real a chance to improve your career development and pretend to high salary in multinational companies and to be on the list of successful marketer with world recognized qualification

Who should take?

1.  Top and middle managers who involved into implementation process of the marketing strategy of a company

2.  Marketers who responsible for marketing management on operational level

3.  Everyone who wants to get wide theoretical and knowledge base in international marketing area and increase its “market value” in employer’s eyes

What are benefits of the Programme?

  • Gain the marketing skills you need at an operational level to maximise on opportunities for your company 
  • Achieve an internationally recognised qualification and become an Associate Member (ACIM)
  • Understand how to write, implement and evaluate an effective marketing plan to meet your targets
  • This programme has high applied character
  • Students get contemporary practical skills and knowledge in the international marketing area and attendant disciplines
  • Educational process include all original materials of CIM in English
  • During the educational process students might have individual consultations
  • Students get a unique opportunity to create a marketing community

Educational process

The educational programme is reading on English by leading Russian marketers majority of whom have world recognized education and who have wide and successful experience in marketing sphere. Our tutors create educational process in such way when all marketing complex is easy for understanding and participants have a real chance to comprehend completed marketing theory and practice in the frame of one programme. The educational process includes interactive methods which are more effective for marketing disciplines (at every class participants spend a lot of time for case-studies).

Classes take place in Moscow at weekends in ISMM classrooms. By the end of the programme participants will hold the exam (in English) which takes place in Moscow in accredited examiner centre.

The duration of the programme is one year. The Professional Diploma in Marketing programme include four modules:

Marketing Research and Information

Marketing Planning  

Marketing Communications

Marketing Management in Practice

Entry requirements

You must meet one or more of the following:

  • Any Bachelor or Masters degree
  • CIM Certificate in Marketing/CIM Certificate in Marketing Management Practice/CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing/CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications
  • Any appropriate vocational qualifications approved by CIM
  • Suitable work experience in a marketing management role (not less than 3 years)

Note: For these who want to take this programme CIM recommend being able to operate English language at the intermediate/upper intermediate/advanced level or have IELTS 6/6.5.

Exam format

The exams for this programme take place twice a year (December and June) in case-exam form which includes two parts.

The first part of the exam is oriented on problem solution for real business situation which will be described in case-study. A candidate will have to prepare completed and detailed written answer which will provide appropriate plan of action of possible variants for the problem solution. The second part of the exam include five questions which correlate with the first part of the exam and a candidate will have to choose two of them and make a mini essays where written and detailed answer will be given

The exam duration is 3 hours. Exam papers will grade by CIM tutors in London during one month. A candidate will get pass if the answer paper will estimated for 50% mark from the possible maximum. If a candidate gets fail mark he/she have an opportunity to re-sit the exam in the next semester.

We are really hope to see you among participants of our international programs. For additional information please contact our Manager for International Projects Anna Savina.

tel. (495) 797-95-60 (ext. 105)

e-mail: savina@ifru.ru

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